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EverVIEW Data Viewer Release Notes

NOTE: All versions require Java 7.

Version 2.9

  • Update the display status bar on the Globe View to show location information left aligned; adjust number formatting
  • Add Viridis color palette option
  • Add options to change the chart view font size delta and tick font size delta
  • Updated Chart View identify objects stroke size default to 1
  • Updated Chart View identify chart to use variable and units for range label
  • Updated Chart View identify chart default color cycling
  • Updated Chart View histogram chart range label to "Count"
  • Updated text displayed for license entries when updating EverVIEW
  • Updated Intro View to remove "Close Window" button, keep "X" at the top of the view part
  • Updated Intro View to not show if not explicitly required (override or new version)
  • When loading from state file, continue loading other elements even if one of them fails
  • When loading from state file, update progress dialog to display the globe section ID
  • Update data area to be in {user home}/.everview on all systems (fixes issues on Mac with startup)
  • Update WMSCatalogManager to show path to WMS file that is attempting to be saved when an error occurs
  • Update ViewUtil to use platfor status messenger when error dialogs need to be shown
  • Bug fix for Globe View behavior on Mac systems with high DPI displays, where mouse position (hover, click) was not being
  • accurately reported
  • Bug fix for data info view on Mac systems not being able to be shown after hiding
  • Bug fix for display of Globe View status bar on some systems (split view cuts off coordinates)