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EverVIEW Data Viewer Release Notes

NOTE: All versions require Java 7.

Version 2.8

  • Updated dataset loader dialog to allow only one bound to be specified for automatic color ramp range
  • Allow shapefile interior and exterior colors to be turned off (preferences)
  • Remember base layer selections between runs and add preference page to manage them
  • Update video capture and screen region capture to use control in menu instead of floating composite
  • Bug fix for the dataset loader dialog when reopening, the dialog doesn't pre-populate with dataset contents
  • Bug fix for the dataset loader dialog that prevented automatic color ramp min/max from pre-populating
  • Bug fix for the dataset loader dialog edit of color ramp entry's color
  • Bug fix for calculating the min, max of large-dimensioned data variables
  • Bug fix for when new identify objects are added, call-out preference not respected
  • Bug fix for when loading identify objects, progress bar fills up too quickly and reports incorrect progress
  • Bug fix for some NcML datasets unable to retrieve date listing
  • Bug fix for identify object labels not showing current value for synchronized globe section
  • Bug fix for base layer services that have migrated to https-only
  • Bug fix for video capture tool not scaling properly on High-DPI displays
  • Update to World Wind 2.1
  • Extensions:
    • EverCalc Expressions Tool
      • Bounding box dialog is now resizeable and opens showing all controls
      • Shapefile geometry "Use" column is widened by default

Minor Releases - Bug Fixes

Version 2.8.1

  • Bug fix for some identify object labels not showing correct value when using synchronized globe sections
  • Bug fix for identify objects synchronization with 3 or more datasets open and different CRS present
  • Bug fix for loading shapefile overlay when shapefile has POINT or MULTIPOINT data (null pointer / null iterable)
  • Bug fix for EverCalc Expressions Tool "ClassCastException: java.util.ArrayList cannot be cast to [Ljava.lang.Integer"
    • In DataModel, do not cast DATE_INDICES property as Integer[] before creating data access
  • Bug fix for EverCalc Expressions Tool date range selector: it did not use UTC dates, leading to the user needing to select previous day's dates in some circumstances
  • Change to underlying NetCDF reader library: be more careful when holding open file handles.
  • ZipSlip mitigation